List with Us

SPG Chicago offers Chicagoland sellers precision market analysis and metrics, with access to tools and resources to help sell your home.

Buy with Us

SPG Chicago is your starting point for finding and buying all types of real estate in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


SPG Chicago offers sellers a complimentary “comparable market analysis” to help gauge the value of their home.

Buy & Build

Thinking about building? SPG Chicago’s involvement in over 100 single family home developments enables the group to offer specialized real estate & construction services.

Investor Services

SPG Chicago offers investors an opportunity to partner with an experienced team well versed in multiple strategies.

Home Builder Sales & Marketing

SPG Chicago understands the needs of residential property developers and offers unique services like no other real estate brokerage can.

Mortgage Loans

Through a trusted partnership network, SPG Chicago can connect you to lenders offering diverse mortgage products for various scenarios.